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White Rock Alehouse & Brewery believes that our success requires an involvement in the local community that has been so supportive of us.  We have and will continue to find ways to be a part of our community as our resources allow.  Because we receive literally dozens of requests each month for donations, the following information is a guideline for donation and charity requests.  Remember to sell your cause to us.  We are a small business with a limited charitable budget.  The more details the better!

  • 45 day minimum advanced notice for any donations.  If less than 45 days, the request will not be considered.
  • Only 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) charities will be considered.  Documentation required.
  • Our preference as an East Dallas business is to keep our donations to local causes.  White Rock Lake area and East Dallas area causes will be looked at more favorably.
  • White Rock Alehouse & Brewery is a new brewpub with limited production.   Donating beer for events is not something we will be likely to do.

Causes we tend to shy away from (hopefully for obvious reasons):

  • Children’s groups/events – As a producer of alcohol, we cannot mix alcohol and kids events.
  • Recreational teams and Private Fundraisers – There are just too many out there to show favoritism.
  • Political, faith based and other sensitive issues – They are known to divide rather than create community.
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