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If you need beer for a party or just want to enjoy White Rock Alehouse & Brewery beer at home, we can take care of you. Due to state laws, we are only able to offer our White Rock Alehouse & Brewery beer for purchase to take off site. But we are happy to provide multiple ways for you to do just that! Check out the "Our Beer" menu item at the top of the page to choose the beer that interests you most.  The following are the different ways in which you can take White Rock Alehouse Brewery beers to go.  Please note, this is for private customers only.  Commercial businesses, please see the info at the bottom of the page to contact our distributor.


You can purchase a 32-ounce or 64-ounce growler from us and have it filled with the beer of your choice. You can also bring in your own growler and have it filled. Ask the bartender for prices and current beers available.


Don’t have your growler handy, don’t want to purchase another, or maybe you want to give our beer as a gift? We offer 32-ounce disposable cans that can be filled with the White Rock Alehouse & Brewery beer of your choice. Prices will be slightly higher than growler fills due to the cost of the can. Again, ask the bartender for prices and current beers available.


Due to high demand on site for our White Rock beers, we are not currently able to offer kegs for sale to the public.  We are working to expand our capacity so we can offer our beer again very soon.  Thank you for your understanding!


Please contact our distributor, FullClip Craft Distributors, for details and pricing and availability.  They can be reached at 469-930-0836, ask for the representative for White Rock Alehouse & Brewery.